Chapter 7: Bitcoin in Prison

“Inmate #45400001, please step forward.”

Benjamin took two small steps forward, his feet connected by chain, and his hands immobilized behind his back, and hears a cold click of a prison door shutting behind him. “This can’t be real.” Benjamin tells himself, and yet, looking to his left, right, up and down is the same view: dirty white walls, etched with names and dates with no meaning to Benjamin. The guard, standing on the opposite side of the gate as Benjamin, unlocked the chains holding Benjamin’s hands and feet together, freeing him to move freely inside a small, windowless room. A panic began to set into Benjamin as the reality of the situation began to hit him. “How can this be?” Benjamin asks himself, over and over.

Benjamin has millions of dollars in bitcoin in the “outside” world, the “real” world. “How can I get out of here?” Benjamin touched the middle of his chest, caressed the alphanumeric code “X564y122ZJ34U777B” subtly hidden in a tattoo covering Benjamin’s chest, and both arms: the tattoo Benjamin got immediately after joining the army, it was the struggle between good and evil, fighting over Benjamin’s heart with the un-noticable code subtly underneath the drawing of Benjamin’s heart, caught between a statue of Athena on one side and a faceless humanoid on the other. When he first got the tattoo, Benjamin thought that the good & evil sides looked distinct, that there truly existed a war between both sides, but time had given him the distance to realize that both sides of the tattoo had coalesced into one giant tattoo over his entire torso, engulfing his heart placed directly in the center. Benjamin hadn’t thought about his tattoos, which covered most of his body, in years. His many tattoos had become just another part of him, blending into the every day scenery of his life, but at this point he stopped and reflected on the good/evil tattoo, and realized that he should have had a few more angels drawn on the ‘good’ side, just to stack things in his favor. Along Benjamin’s neck is a tattoo with the written words “Molon Labe”, an Attic Greek expression indicating defiance, one of Benjamin’s most enduring character traits. But these considerations were of no use to him at this point, and his mind sharply focused on the code: this code was the pass-code to his bitcoin wallet, containing hundreds of bitcoin, which due to the skyrocketing price, was worth tens of millions of dollars in the real world. Benjamin began to rack his brain thinking of…what next. Benjamin had always been able to rely on his innate human spirit and intelligence to escape from even the most confining of situations, and Benjamin attempted to abstract his previous experience and apply it to his current situation.