Meet Jennifer Glass

Jennifer Glass was always described by her Mother’s Bible Study group as a “delicate, sweet child” and they all had high hopes for Jennifer’s future as a Doctor or Lawyer or some occupation of equal greatness. Always a tall girl, Jennifer’s height at 25 topped out at 6′ 1″. Jennifer’s height would lead to great heights beginning with winning the 2008 Division I Volleyball NCAA Championship with the University of Kentucky.

Jennifer Glass was born April 4th, 1990 at the small town of Murphysborough, Georgia to Phillip Glass and his wife Amelia Glass, who had won the 1973 Miss Georgia Beauty pageant. A constant throughout Jennifer’s life was her incredible ability to be photographed well, in the right lighting with the right people wearing just the right clothes.

Jennifer had always been uncommonly good at both horse-riding and mathematics, both of which would play a large part in her success as a graduate student researching Bio-Engineering for John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Always a very sharp and frugal person by nature, Jennifer would make patient and slow investments which over decades grew stronger and stronger. In addition to a professional career researching Genomes and developing new technologies in the BioEngineering industry, Jennifer pursued an art career which would flourish throughout galleries in United States and Europe.

But despite her accomplishments, Jennifer never felt successful “enough” for herself. “5 more years” Jennifer would tell her self, and ruthlessly tire over 60 hour work weeks and conquering office politics only to find herself only slightly ahead of where she was 5 years ago. Over these years, Jennifer would collect awards, letters of recognition and recognition from non-profit groups, but still tired endlessly in pursuit of what she considered perfection.

Jennifer was a girl whom everyone in contact fell in love with her, which only added to her charm. During her college days, Jennifer would attend a function with a group of friends and by the end all attention was on her. Jennifer was destined for greatness from her earliest days.

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  1. Wow J, just found this via the Community Pool on WordPress and you have a gift dude – read one post and then dived into the next one and before i knew it i had read the whole page – writing really captures you and draws you in and then ends and leaves you wanting more. Very impressed. Keep on.

    love brett fish


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