Benjamin Speaks to Jennifer for the First Time

Benjamin slams the door shut as he leaps over his front steps and runs out to the school-bus which promptly departs for the next child.

“Today is the day.” Benjamin said to himself. Completely lost in thought as he clutched a brown paper bag containing his lunch. Benjamin found the first available seat on the bus and plopped himself down.

As Benjamin thought about the grandiose, beautiful words he would first speak to Jennifer, his mind took him on a journey, through the positives and the negatives, the probable and the impossible outcome of their first conversation.

Benjamin knew that he would see Jennifer in his 2nd period class, starting at 9:45 A.M. Jennifer always sat in the front row, two desks from the left, and Benjamin always sat in the last row, 2 seats from the right. But not today! Today Benjamin was determined to sit right next to Jennifer, and he would leave his first class immediately as the bell rang and sprint to his next class.

While Benjamin was lost in thought, the school-bus arrived at his school, Jefferson Middle School, named after Benjamin’s favorite founding father, Thomas Jefferson.

When the bus stopped, all of the other kids quickly walked off the bus, leaving Benjamin alone, filled with his plans for the day, and already enjoying the happiness success would bring.

2 thoughts on “Benjamin Speaks to Jennifer for the First Time

  1. Hi! I love what you’ve written so far about Benjamin and Jennifer! I want to know more – which is a great sign that you’re really on to something good. You have a lovely, flowing writing style, with great pace. Keep up the good work 🙂


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