To Jennifer–My Dream Reader


It has been many years since we last spoke, but the love in my heart for you has only grown stronger.

Over the past many years, I have made every attempt to somehow communicate what you mean to me as a person, and so thank you for this opportunity.

Part of what has allowed me the confidence in myself to become a writer has been the experiences we shared, and the heart break I carried.

When we first broke up I was devastated and filled with a fierce desire to succeed. After one year when you did not return to me, I won student body president so that you would see my capabilities and potential, and invite me back into your life. That did not happen, and my disease became more acute.

I stand before you today, a survivor of that long and dark time of my life. Throughout my life, after you, I have desperately grasped towards anything in my life that could act as a substitute, or replacement, for you. At various times it has been work, school, or another relationship, all the while ignoring whats truly in my heart and mind. The academic level I have risen in my pursuit of your acceptance is a Master’s Degree, all to show you what you mean to me.

Jennifer, my dream reader, these stories were inspired by our time and lessons learned from you. I hope to one day be able to capture the feelings I experienced with you, through characters on Sensually Desired.

-Forever Yours,

Benjamin Arbor