Jennifer Glass and Benjamin Arbor

Benjamin Arbor, a scrawny, light-complected boy with glasses and black hair, had watched Jennifer Glass, whom all her friends and teachers called “Jenn”, grow up since Kindergarten, 1st through 5th grade, and 6th through 8th, all without speaking one word to her. Benjamin wasn’t even sure if Jennifer had noticed him at during any of their years at school together.

“Today is the Day!” Benjamin exclaimed to his mother, who was quickly packing lunch for Benjamin in their small, one room apartment in Murphysborough, Georgia.

“Your math test?” Benjamin’s Mother, Anita asked, reminded of Benjamin’s poor grade in math the previous year.

“No, Mom! Today is the day I am going to talk to Jennifer!”

“Oh Dear! How’s Jennifer’s Dad, is he still running for Governor?”

Benjamin looked down at his shoes as he thought of Jennifer’s Dad, Walter Glass, who was a prominent  defense attorney turned politician, now seeking to become Governor of Georgia.

“Yes, that will give us something to talk about!”


“Benjamin, here’s your lunch. You’re going to be late, Good Luck!”

“Thanks Mom!”